Monday, 3 May 2010

An alternate reality

He'd arrived but he was late; damn work. The guilt was all over him, he'd already called her, told her he was on his way.
He scanned the bar looking for her. There she was, reading, absent-mindely circling her drink with her straw.
He approached her table still tense with guilt. He walked over to the table she was sitting at, she looked up.
"Baby I'm sorry, work was crazy, I tried to get away 3 times but I......"

"Shhhhhh" She stood up to greet him, placed her index finger over his mouth. "Your here" with that she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. "Mmmmm"

He loved that. The way she could completely stop him in his tracks with one word, one action. For a moment he was paused, not quite knowing what to do next. She must have read his mind. "Are you hungry?"
"Actually I am"
"Great, lets eat dinner here"
He sat opposite her at the table, feeling the cares of the week ebbing away. She was asking him about his day, telling him about interesting things she had seen that day, listening when he spoke, he loved the way she spoke with her hands, every now and again, she would place her hand on the back of his hand that was on the table. Her touch was soft.

She was aware she was talking too much, but she couldn't help herself, she was so excited to see him, she wanted to hear all about his day, and tell her about hers. She touched his hand now and again when she spoke. She wanted to hold his hand but she didn't have the confidence.

The waiter brought their food across and broke the connection to her hand for the time being.
He spoke over dinner, told her about his day, how great that it was finally the weekend. How he was looking forward to spending real time relaxing with her.

This had turned out to be one of those trips she would remember forever. It was the first time they had met in real life, despite knowing each others most intimate thoughts. He was very much as she'd imagined him to be, maybe a little quieter. He was a thinker.

He gazed at her as she finished her dessert. Chocolate ice cream. How he wanted to be that spoon right now. He could feel his energy coming back. Her eyes sparkled in the candlelight, he loved her laugh, it was infectious- she made him smile.

She could feel herself coming to life. Always at night when the stars came out to play. She was a night owl, she enjoyed walking with him at night. Tonight felt different though. A different energy. She wanted to relax with him instead. Share intimate space. Safe.

He finished his coffee, as she finished her tea. "I'll be right back, I'm just going to the bathroom" "no problem" he said. She looked cute in her red dress, he watched her walk to the restrooms and go inside.
Whilst she was gone he settled the bill.
A few moments later she came back to the table.
"I've settled up, you ready?" he said as he stood up.
"Oh!- thanks hunny" she kissed him again, only this time he was ready. As she pulled back he quickly placed his arm around her and held her there a few more seconds. He felt her slightly falter, her weight in his arm. As they pulled apart he looked at her, she gave a wry smile and looked at the floor, "Lets go"

The air outside was cooler, it had gone dark although it wasn't late.
They walked over to his car and got in. "Where do you want to go?" he asked.
"Well, I don't know" he voice trailed off as she looked out of the window.
"You tired baby?" He reached out and touched her thigh as he asked. He saw her react a little.

She felt a pulse of electricity again, this time in hr thigh. They had finished their meal and as they were getting ready to leave, she drew up the confidence to kiss him. He reacted favourably, holding her in for a moment. She felt her head spin slightly as he did it, little sparks went off inside her. She got a grip of herself as they walked out of the restaurant.
The cold air sobered her mind slightly but it was the end of the week. All she really wanted to do was relax. The combination of a full meal and relaxing company compounded the need to kick back.

Instinctively she moved her hand to his, "Lets go back to the hotel"
She closed her eyes and curled into the passenger seat. He smiled "No problem".

He pulled the car onto the highway and smiled to himself as he glanced to see her curled up next to him. Her perfume filled his head and he felt intoxicated by her.

28th April 2010 11.28pm

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