Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I am. He is.

I am. He is.

Individually we exist. Together we live.

One & One, two times two, couple, duet, duo, duo,…du-oh.

Oh. Surprise. Off guard, vulnerability, prey, victim, at His mercy. Fight or flight? Biological response. What will she do? More importantly what will He do?

The Challenge.

Mentally she fights. She holds her own- able to keep pace, match his subjects and offer opinions. He liked that. As delicate and considered as she was, He was less. He worried little about offending anyone. His thoughts lay not in the detail but the outcome.

Physically they were no match yet she fights. She refuses to lie down and be dictated to, the suggestion alone drives her wild. Wild like an animal…ferocious, the fire in her eyes. He watches His prey with a considered calm…just enough rope. Taut. Taught. Lesson learned. He pulls her in, each word chips away at her strength, breaking her down one step at a time, twisting the rope, pulling her in. Calm, safe, breath..breathing… “It’s only ever temporal dear”. Each word a step, each step He takes ground, her ground. Calm, safe, breath…breathing… words. Within His presence, under his spell she saw Him, she recognises who he is and in the final act words are no more. The tongue of the wise brings healing…His words cascade over her creating bonds and ties that emanate from Him. Her body as a rag doll, defeated never destroyed. “Whose. Are. You?” Her retort as a breath more than a word “Yours. Always”.


Spiritually they became. Drifting to a place where he took her hand. Flight, time to fly. His breath inhaled deep into his lungs and exhaled into her mouth. Breathing Him in. Each breath a step…calm, safe. He leans into her…protection…she pushes back against his chest…protected.

I am His and He is mine.

This is our life. The story we make.

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