Sunday, 19 June 2016


I missed you today for the first time.

I wasn't even thinking about anything. I was idly wandering. I noticed a DVD in the supermarket, it was one I had previously watched with you. Suddenly an electrical connection was sparked in the brain that jump started my heart. It hurt.

It is never really an end. I mean, when 'communications break down', of course this signals an end- but ultimately life goes on. You go on, and I go on. But We ended. And somehow, somewhere, these electrical kick-starts open a brief window into what might have been. They present an opportunity of what you could have won. They often do not reflect the reality but I don't think that is their objective.

Instead the heart hurts, and uses the emotions to heal.

The emotions become overwhelmed and feed pain back to the heart, and so the cycle of grief and bereavement continues.

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