Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Silence and the Sea

She sat at the end of a long week. Staring from the brink of a chasm of chaos into silence. Like a siren it called to her, she concluded long ago there is something safe about it, the peace, the calm, the untouched perfection- assuming of course her own mind isn’t piercing the silence with a rumbling din of thoughts.

At this particular moment, it was the safer option, she was centred, nauseated by a week of active listening, sadly to conversations she wished she wasn’t having. The silence was a welcome retreat.
There are different types of silence. There are those that are glossy, shiny and bright- these are not sought but inflicted, when you look up and realise those around you left long ago, and you are staring back at your own reflection in the mirror.

There are dark silences, sought by those the world does not understand, full of confusion and rage, chained to ideas that can never be set free, black tidal waves engulf those who stray there rewarding them with self pity and loneliness.

Matt Silences, like dulled sound waves- they exist in the busiest of places, like the middle of a city in the middle of the day in a busy station- and yet those who live there cannot be heard or hear. They are invisible despite being in full view.

She was being seduced by a sinking sand of silence- not deadly but warm, a beach to walk along and lose the few active thoughts she had left. It all suddenly seemed so pointless. The warm sea breezes danced through her hair and as she moved her hand to push it from her face the action took her back to him.

He had done that in the past.

She remembered how he stood behind her in the moonlight and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling his arms and taking her breath for a moment- and then he kissed her neck, she remembered her head spinning for a moment as he took her weight in his arms and kissed her more. She fell to her knees as he gently let her go kissing her on her head before he too started to sink to the ground, the moon illuminated the sea as she sat on the sand, allowing the black waves to saturate her skirts like oil spilling and bubbling around her. She lay back, feeling the ebb and flow of the tide gently saturating through her clothes and permeating her skin.
He gazed down at his siren, his shadow casting across her, he too was pulled down to meet the midnight energy.

She opened her eyes as she felt the weight of his body mirroring hers, instinctively their bodies moving as one.
Not a word was spoken as their lips met, connecting an electric current through their bodies, as the water continued to push and pull around them.

13th August 2010

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